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Fishing in Port St Johns

Be it deep-sea, estuarine, salt or freshwater fishing, Port St Johns has it all. The ocean teems with game fish, the rivers which are open to the sea abound with Grunter, Shad, Skipjack and Kingfish. Inland waters produce huge Rainbow Trout.

The best fishing is during the winter months, when Port St Johns experiences its Garrick, Cob and Grunter runs. Garrick of 20kg are not uncommon.

During the winter months the annual Sardine Run takes place. With this event come the pelagic fish, offering game fishermen ample opportunities for a record catch.

Fine eating fish such as Musselcracker, Rock Cod and Daggeraad are all part of the daily ski-boat catch.

Shark fishing is popular in certain areas. This sport is more for the intrepid fisherman as it can be highly dangerous, and the best fishing spots are very hard to reach.


Crayfish, prawns, oysters and mussels are Wild Coast specialities. For more information on seasons, bag limits and other do's and dont's, please ask your host. Poaching is a serious crime. Should you see or suspect any poaching taking place (this includes exceeding the bag limits), please inform reception, so that the Water Wing of the South African Police Services can be contacted.

Panulirus Homarus - East Coast Rock Lobster - occurs on rocky reefs in the surf zones, in depths of 1 to 36 metres, coinciding with brown mussels, their main food. They emerge at night to feed, hiding in holes by day. They readily shed some of their legs to distract predators. These legs are re-grown later.

Fly Fishing

Done both in the river and off the shore.

Rock and Surf Angling

Charles Stewart is an accomplished saltwater fisherman and writer of numerous articles for angling magazines. In his book "Rock and Surf Fishing", he makes mention of the 20 most popular fishing spots in South Africa, of which 5 are on the Wild Coast.

1. The Island (Msikaba, on the southern boundary of the Mkambati Nature Reserve 2. The Gap (Port St Johns), rated as one of the most dangerous fishing spots on our coastline 3. Brazen Head (between Mngazana and Mpande, 20km south of Port St Johns) 4. Bashee River Mouth (on the northern boundary of Dwesa Nature Reserve and part of Cwebe Reserve) 5. The Island (Mazeppa Bay)

Charles recognizes Tony Oates of Port St Johns as a master at lure fishing for Kob. The Mzimvubu River mouth produces fine Kob and Garrick, and The Gap massive sharks and game fish.

Please adhere to bag limits, sizes and seasons; and also ensure you are in posession of a fishing permit. Permits are obtainable at the Port St Johns Post Office.

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Fly fishing in Port St Johns
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